IanC – Percussionist – We Love Sundays @ Space

UNLIKE any percussionist around Ian.C is turning heads with his new approach to dance orientated percussion in clubs, at events and in studios around the world.


He has coupled traditional percussion with state of the art technology, using the latest Roland electronic equipment.


Ian.C has worked with over 70 of the best names in the business from Clockwork Orange, Club UK, Peruvia and Republica to Peppermint Club in Dubai, Ministry of Sound Tours, Privilege (Ibiza), Love Leeds Festival, Kissdafunk, Gatecrasher Tours, Kinky Malinki, El Divino (Ibiza), Vodka Bar in Moscow, Housonic, Journeys (for House legend Robert Owens), Hussle and  Leeds favourite Gladrags.


Ian has been on many tours including, MTV dancefloor Chart Tour with June Sarpong, Crasher, and Hogzone for Benson and Hedges, ian.c has also performed at parties and events for many brands like Diesel and Rothmans and including Bacardi B-Bar.


Ian.C’s reputation as a performer, apart from his obvious talent, has been built on the fact that in the last few years he has played with over 100 of the best DJ’s at over 70 of the best club nights both the length and breadth of the U.K and abroad.


He prides himself on the fact that he has always been asked back to the venues he’s played at over the past few years and that he has adapted to the ever-evolving musical changes of dance music.

Past Highlights

Performing at the Muzik SAS Awards after awards party in 1996 at Bakers and playing with Carl Cox – What a Gent!


Playing on the northern leg of an M.T.V Tour in 1998. On the ’M.T.V Dance Floor Chart Tour’.


Summer 2002 trip toIbiza. “I went toIbizawith no gigs to catch up with some friends, and within 24 hours of being on the island, I was playing live from Mambo to the U.K on Neil Bentley’s Galaxy radio show! How cool is that?”


2004 Notting Hill Carnival “I got the gig after Shovell recommended me The music was funky and ecclectic the venue intimate and it contributed to the whole festive vibe!”