Jonathan Ulysses from Space & Jon Constantine play Deco Hertford

Jonathan Ulysses is undoubtedly a name synonymous with Space Ibiza the most famous club in the world. His dj sets are legendary and his career spans 3 decades and many many countries.

This night will be one to remember I promise you.

Entry will be FREE B410pm and only £5 after.

To get an idea what Jonathan Ulysses is capable of, please read a few of the quotes below….

Love Deco Xxx


“Jonathan Ulysses – typifies the true spirit of Space on Sundays”
Mark Broadbent @ We Love … Space

“Jonathan Ulysses is our brother, representing our inimitable Ibiza feeling and accompanying Mind Group for so many years that we can’t imagine our parties without him!”
Ceto @ Mind Group, Germany (In Bed With Space / Space World Tours / Fuck Me I’m Famous)

“What can I say about Jonathan? The biggest real smile in the DJ world!! And an ace DJ too!! I Always get good feedbacks from the clubs after he plays!”
Iva @ Space Ibiza booking agency, Spain

“As much energy behind the decks as the tunes he plays. After 5 years of booking him in Dubai he is always a crowd favourite!”
Greg Dufton @ CHI, Dubai

“So much personality & flair behind the decks makes Jonathan stand out from other djs. When he smiles the crowd smiles with him & when the beat drops the crowd are eating out of the palm of his hand.”
Paul Azzopardi @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney, Australia

“Charisma and an amazing set are the secret of Jonathan Ulysses to rock the dancefloor!”
Guilherme Rabelo @ Essential Club, Brazil

“Jonathan is becoming a king here !!!! People are going crazy with him, and he’s getting more famous each time he plays on these prestigious clubs in Brazil ! Once again he was the most admired DJ on board.”
Juba Jacomino @ MOB, Brazil

“Unquestionably, unmistakably and unambiguously Ibiza’s best resident DJ – there’s no close rival for that top spot.”
Louis Lawrence @ Junk Club, Southampton, UK

“Jon has consistently been one of our favourite djs at kissdafunk. his choice of music is second to none and he never forgets that it’s all about entertainment, not education.”
Rob Tissera @ Kissdafunk, UK

“I met JU 4-5 year ago?…when i brought him for the first of his 3 shows in Romania….yes, I was curios to understand why people love Sundays in Space so much! After his gigs i checked the audience and the feedback was so strong as more requests came for JU and I realized why: a strong positive VIBE of his music personality, fantastic tunes, surprising every time when performing no matter 500 or 1500 people in the club….a pleasure to listen and dance!”
Paul Soll @ Entertainment Studio booking agency, Romania

“Jonathan Ulysses, one of the most craziest and finest DJ’s of the universe, who really enjoys playing music from the heart and brings back the “Balearic feeling” to all of us.”
Glenn Geyselings @ La Rocha, Belgium

“Having toured Jonathon in Australia last year for his inaugural visit, it was a real easy decision to have him return one year later to help ring in the 2010 New Year . His energy and aura behind the decks coupled with fantastic tunes just lifts the crowd to another level. Always happy, always smiling and simply an all round nice guy. Jonathon will be wooing crowds here for years to come.”
Ken Hutchins @ Gusto International booking agency, Australia